Mariadith Carter accepts T. McCoy award from SBAC

2019 T. McCoy Cornerstone Award: Mariadith Carter

Annaully, the Small Business Assistance Corporation awards the T. McCoy Cornerstone Award to someone who has achieved enduring professional excellence in the field of Administrative Assistance.

The award honors Terry McCoy, who for over 15 years managed the SBAC administrative responsibilities.  In her daily work and dedication to the SBAC, Terry personified the very best aspects of her profession.  We have named her legacy award “the Cornerstone Award,”  symbolizing the strength administrative professionals impart to the many organizations they support. 

The recipient in 2019 is Mariadith Carter of Kidzplace Child Development Center.  Mariadith Carter is an exceptional Administrative Assistant that has an inspiring passion for helping children. As the Office Administrator of Kidzplace Child Development Center, Ms. Carter works hard and diligently in every aspect of the center’s programs. 

Starting at the age of 16, she learned quickly to think on her feet and multi-task, and developed exceptional interpersonal skills. She is a vivacious young woman, who is able to plan ahead, lead a team and take ideas from start to completion. 

One of her strongest attributes is her ability to connect with people of various personalities in order to get the job done.  She can be trusted with the smallest of details and the largest of tasks.

In addition to being an effective administrator, she is also a single mother, a business owner and author.  She is the owner of a local children’s transportation company called Kab 4 Kidz.  She is the author of the book “Tummy Tunes”, a fun children’s book written to encourage children to try new foods (available on Amazon)

Tenacity, determination and a passion for working with children are what makes Mariadith an outstanding administrative professional and budding entrepreneur.  Her personal and professional philosophy is to work hard, smart and fair then trust in God to help guide you in your successes.