SBAC Small Business Lender of the Year – Carol Brooks, Queensborough National Bank and Trust Company

Annually, the Small Business Lender of the Year Award is given to the loan officer most active in SBAC’s loan referrals and originations. Considering all loan programs, large or small, this award is determined first by the number of transactions an individual lender makes during our fiscal year.  In the event of a tie, the greatest number of jobs created resulting from business expansions or start-ups financed, determines our selection.

The winner of 2019’s Small Business Lender of the Year is Carol Brooks. Carol is no stranger to SBAC, as this is her second consecutive year winning this award.

Kara Fortney, SBAC (L), with Carol Brooks, Queensborough (R), recipient of the SBAC 2019 Lender of the Year Award

Carol’s family roots are planted firmly here in Georgia.  After High School, she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Wesleyan College in Macon and a Masters of Business Administration Degree from Florida Atlantic.  It was in Florida that she then began her long and successful banking career.

In a few short years, she was back in Savannah where she raised her 2 beautiful children and contributed to the success of 3 different banks in the area.   

Carol is currently the Vice President and Commercial Banker for Queensborough National Bank and Trust Company. Her position at Queensborough allows her to use her impeccable taste and social skills to identify new prospects while her experience and lending expertise helps her company and clients flourish. 

She enjoys making lasting relationships with her clients and partners, which has led to her success over the last 12 years at Queensborough National Bank.  Throughout the past few years, Carol has specifically honed her SBA lending skills, and she is 1 of the highest-volume SBA lenders in the region. Carols’ 2019 referrals to SBAC put her back in the lead.

To date, Ms. Brooks has referred 14 different projects to the SBAC, worth a total of $6.2 million.  Two of those loans, totaling over $1.7 million, were funded during FY 2019.  As a result of these loan fundings and Carol’s hard work, almost 27 full-time jobs have been created in our community this year. 

In addition to her referrals to SBAC, Carol has been an active SBAC Loan Committee Member since 2013 and was selected as Loan Committee Chair for 2019 and 2020.  When asked to move up to the SBAC Board of Directors, she graciously declined, stating that she would prefer to remain on Loan Committee and have a more active role in our lending process. 

In her free time, Ms. Brooks is active in several other Savannah organizations such as CFO Council of Savannah, Rotary Club Savannah South, The International Propeller Club/Port of Savannah, and various realty-related clubs. Carol is accustomed to helping people succeed, and her work and community involvement emphasize that commitment.  She is truly an SBA Advocate and Small Business Champion, and it is with pride that SBAC can name her Lender of the Year Award for the second year in a row.

Carol Brooks accepting the 2018 Lender of the Year Award.