SBAC is hiring a Microloan Program Manager/Loan Officer!

The Microloan Program Manager/Loan Officer is a full-time (not remote) professional staff member who role is technical and specialized in nature. The Microloan Program Manager is directly responsible to the Vice President, which reports to the President. 


The duties and activities of this management position (with support staff) include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Find, evaluate, and underwrite microloan applications. From time to time, prepare qualified micro-loan applications for presentation to Loan Committee.
  • Develop and implement outreach strategies to build Business Support System and awareness in the minority business community and other targeted business sectors.
  • Responsible for the effective delivery of Management and Technical Assistance services to micro business clientele: (1) Assessing the clients’ business needs and capabilities and assisting them to develop business strategies for success. (2) Designing and implementing education and training programs to help individuals start, manage, and operate a small business. (3) Coordinating with other business assistance organizations/resources and private sector professional vendors to maximize the programs’ benefits for borrowers, i.e., SCORE Mentor Program.
  • Manages information clearinghouse operations in the SBAC business assistance program.
  • Maintains records to substantiate periodic status reports for internal and external uses. In addition, the manager must know all federal regulations (i.e., SBA) that would impact any part of their job performance.
  • Any other duties assigned by the Vice President which they determine to be appropriate.


  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or experience determined to be an equivalent or equivalent combination of education and experience in the fields.


  • Salary commensurate to qualifications: $48K-$55K per year, including bonus and benefits package.


SBAC is an Equal Opportunity Lender, Provider, and Employer.