To provide long-term below market rate financing to businesses that will retain jobs and create new employment opportunities.

  • Private lender: 50% of total project cost
  • SBAC: Up to 40% of total project cost
  • Small Business Concern: 10% of the total project cost (maximum of 20% as regulated by the SBAC)

Eligible Uses

  • The Purchase of Existing Buildings
  • Land Acquisition and Ground Up Construction
  • Expansion of an Existing Building
  • Financing Building Improvements
  • Refinancing of Buildings and Equipment
  • The Purchase of Equipment and Installation
  • Professional fees/Soft costs

Maximum Amount

No Project Maximum. SBA portion $25,000 to $5,000,000 ($5.5 million for energy savings and small manufacturers).


  • 504 Loans include a negotiated rate on the bank portion, and a below-market rate (fixed) on the SBA portion.
  • Private lender term: Up to 30 years, as determined by private lender
  • SBAC term: 10, 20, or 25 years, fully amortizing, as determined by the SBAC. See current rates

Eligible Businesses

  • For-Profit
  • Average net profit after tax not over $5 million and net worth less than $15 million. (May use alternate calculations using # of employees or Gross Sales)
  • Businesses in the State of Georgia and Beaufort, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Hampton an Jasper Counties in South Carolina.

Economic Development Criteria

Standard SBAC criteria mandate one new job or job retained per $75,000 of total 504 loan amount (i.e., $750,000 = 10 jobs required). Job creation criteria can be waived or modified in some cases, such as if the project involves exporting, is located in a revitalization district, rural area, is woman, veteran, minority-owned, or meets any other national priority. Small manufacturing is calculated at $120,000 per job.


All rates and terms subject to change without notice.