Small Business Spotlight – Aldrjoy IV Hydration, LLC

The new year is when so many resolve to be happier and healthier, making it the perfect time to introduce one the newest SBAC loan recipients – Aldrjoy IV Hydration Health and Wellness, LLC.

After 15 years as a Registered Nurse, Aldreka Campbell started this health, wellness, and beauty center that uses the science of IV hydration and injection therapy to renew, replenish and revitalize clients in Savannah and surrounding areas.

Aldreka has always had a passion for health, wellness and beauty, which she channeled into 15 years as a RN, and shared through her Instagram account. When she learned about IV Hydration, she was fascinated by the health and beauty benefits. After one exhausting weekend, she gave IV hydration a shot and was amazed by how refreshed it left her feeling. She felt that the Savannah market needed more of these services, and decided to take on the challenge of opening up her own business to provide them.

After a year of learning all she could about the science and practice of IV hydration, she was ready to start her own business, but was unsure what her next steps should be. Aldreka faced common hurdles to new business owners. When you are one of the first to bring a novel service to your area, who do you turn to for advice? Additionally, traditional banks may be reluctant to lend to a small business offering new, unfamiliar services.

Despite these challenges, Aldeka didn’t give up on her business idea, because she knew it was worth pursuing. “It takes time for your business to grow. Be open minded and be willing to seek daily improvement with yourself and the business,” Aldreka said. Eventually she was able to learn from an IV hydration expert in Atlanta, who recommended she connect with local small business experts. That’s when she connected with SBAC. With solid business advice and financing through SBAC, Aldreka got Aldrjoy Hydration up and running.

So just what does IV hydration and injection therapy do? According to Aldreka, benefits of the service include boosted energy, anti-acne and aging elements, fitness enhancement and recovery, jet lag, cold and flu remedy, hangover recovery, improved GI health, relief of acute of and chronic pain, and mental clarity. “It’s so exciting because it offers 100% absorption of vitamins and nutrients versus 20-30% that we received from sports drinks and oral vitamins,” claims Aldreka.

Aldrjoy Hydration provides both in-house and concierge service, and can also be booked to provide service for corporate wellness events, private drip parties, local colleges, gyms, and marathons. Aldreka plans on hosting quarterly health and wellness events, providing free blood pressure checks, blood sugar checks and measuring BMI to simply increase health and wellness awareness, and to use as an opportunity to provide more information about IV hydration.